‘Seirenes’ – John Croft (First Hand Records to be released in September 2019)


‘Drifter’ – Linda Catlin Smith (Another Timbre 2017)

This disc was listed in Alex Ross’ top ten for the year in the New Yorker, and it also featured in the Guardian’s top ten classical CDs of 2017. Emma Richards joins Apartment House and Bozzini Quartet in this CD of Linda Catlin Smith’s works.


‘Vale’ – Richard Craig (2017)

This disc is of world premiere recordings of pieces by Johnson, Järnegard, Fitch, Barrett, Croft and Pauset. Richard Craig is joined by Cora Schmeiser and Distractfold for the pieces by John Croft and Fabrice Fitch.


‘Grizzana’ – Jürg Frey (Another Timbre 2015)

Ensemble Grizzana – Jürg Frey (clarinet), Mira Benjamin (violin), Emma Richards (viola), Philip Thomas (piano), Seth Woods (cello) Ryoko Akama (electronics) present varied works by Jürg Frey. Extracts can be found here.


‘Hull Treader’ – Marek Poliks (Another Timbre 2014)

Distractfold recorded ‘Hull not Continent’ for this disc of music by Marek Poliks. They are joined on this disc by John Pickford-Richards and Beth Weisser performing ‘Treader Always in Station’. Extract can be found here.